In the Shadow of Kilimanjaro


he last leg of our safari adventure was in the Amboseli game reserve. We were on our mission to get the 'money shot', a picture with an elephant in front of a clear Mount Kilimanjaro, which is only about 50km away. It was more bumpy roads for nearly the entire ride from Tsavo, but we'd been on so many by this time that we were very used to them. I think I even fell asleep for a portion of the bouncing around, even for me, that's saying a lot. We were staying at the Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge which Read more [...]
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The Red Sands of Tsavo West

We were up early Sunday morning to start the drive to Tsavo West National Park. We travelled in a similar vehicle to what we travelled in the Maasai Mara which would seat up to eight people but this trip iwe had the whole van for just the two of us! We had a similar drive to Tsavo West as we had to the Maasi Mara - long and bumpy!! The nice thing was that the landscape was quite different and as we got closer to Tsavo West the red soil became more obvious. There was a lot more foiliage and Read more [...]

A Dip in the Indian Ocean

Our final five days in Kenya was just the two of us and our first job was to get to Mombasa. We flew there Saturday morning and arrived around lunch and it was HOT!! This was exciting for us since up until this point it had been quite cool and it was so nice to feel the hot sun again! We arranged the rest of our travels through a company called JT Safaris  I contacted them after some research online beacuse they had such fantastic reviews on Trip Advisor. They Read more [...]

Saying Goodbye to our Habitat Family

With the Maasai Mara safari over, it was time to say goodbye to our amazing HFH team. We had already said goodbye to Suni before the safari had started but now we said goodbye to Matt, Serena, Anita, Bernie, Shelia, Danielle, Courtney, Christy, Arianne, Chris, Lauren, Winnie, Paulette, Kate, Andrea, Adam, Tom and Meg. We were so lucky to have worked with such an amazing, energetic, hard-working, motivated, inspiring and hilarious group of people.  Wally and I would both agree that we would love Read more [...]